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Lisa Popeil's Lesson
Lisa Popeil's Voiceworks

Lisa Popeil, MFA in Voice, is one of America’s top voice coaches. Her musical experience spans 60 years with 40 years of professional teaching. She specializes in vocal technique, vocal styles, performance, speech beautification and vocal health for singers and public speakers.



Vocal Technique

Singing Lessons: Posture, Precise Support, Breathing, Register Control, Range, Control of Vibrato & Resonance, Easy High Notes, Vocal Power, Speech Improvement, Belting and Commercial Voice, (CCM); Accent Reduction, Dialect Coaching, Voice-Over Coaching, Speech Beautification

Vocal Styles

Precision and Authenticity in Pop, Rock, Country, R&B, Jazz, Classical, Opera, Operetta, Musical Theater Legit and Belting Styles


Gesture, Choreography, Anxiety Reduction, Charisma Enhancement, Lyric Interpretation, Phrasing, Audition Preparation, Mic Technique for Live Stage Work, Creating a Live Set

Music Training

Sight-Singing, Music Theory, Songwriting, Pop Piano, Ear-Training

Vocal Health

Voice Care, Voice Repair, Rehab, Voice Preservation for Touring Professionals, ‘8 Shows a Week’ Protocol


Online Voice Lessons

Experience voice lessons with renowned celebrity voice coach Lisa Popeil online. Available in 1/2 hour ($125) or full hour ($250) sessions.

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Daily Vocal Workout

Lisa has a daily vocal workout for both male and female pop, rock, jazz, R&B, and country singers who want to work their voices out every day. The workout includes vocal technique instructions, 9 exercises and an original song with fun tracks!

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How to Speak Beautifully

Do you want to speak more beautifully? With Lisa’s instant vocal improvement CD you can have that in just 20 minutes. It’s great for daily use in the car.

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Sing Anything – Mastering Vocal Styles

This book is an innovation in voice training. Co-authored with San Francisco Bay Area voice coach Gina Latimerlo, Sing Anything is available as a Kindle ebook or in paperback and includes audio exercises. This exciting book will open your mind and voice to vocal mastery!

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Belting Workshop Download

This 2.5 hour downloadable video is an introduction to the techniques of modern belting, a vocal skill used in musical theater and commercial styles.

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Speech Beautification

Can people hear you? Do you have difficulty being understood? Do you experience vocal fatigue after speaking? Do you have a finely tuned professional speaking voice?  Learn how to find your ideal speaking pitch, and improve the beauty, power and expressiveness of your speaking voice with the Voiceworks Method®.

Audition Prep

As a professional piano accompanist and sight-reader, Lisa can provide you with practice or master recordings of piano accompaniments in any style of music. She has access to virtually all of the classic and contemporary musical theater repertoire, as well as pop songs in any key. Do you need a 16-bar or 32-bar cut of a musical theater song for an upcoming audition? No problem. You’ll also learn how to enter an audition situation, how to speak to your accompanist, and audition etiquette.



There’s more to being a great performer than just sounding good. Learn how to stand, walk, move, gesture with hands and arms, and set and change your gaze for each unique style you’re interested in mastering.

Demo Recording

Since 1971, Lisa has spent countless hours in recording studios and can help you sound amazing for your next recording project. Learn the pro tricks for studio singing, plus you’ll receive help with arrangements, keys, songwriting coaching, and of course, immediate vocal improvement.

Music Training

Lisa began studying piano and music at the age of 4 and loves to share her knowledge of pop piano, music reading, music theory, sight-singing, rhythm training and harmony singing with singers around the world.

Accent Reduction

For singing and business endeavors, you might find it advantageous to learn how to master English with an American accent. As a long-time linguist, Lisa can provide you with a personalized study program to reduce or eliminate your non-American accent. Contact Lisa Popeil to learn more about how her services can help you master the Standard American dialect for singing and business success.

Anxiety Reduction

Even professional performers can experience bouts of anxiety at times. For 30 years, LIsa has refined techniques which can be called “Energy Tapping”. These acupressure approach is derived from Thought Field Therapy, EMDR and Emotional Freedom Techniques and is a unique and powerful tool which works in a few minutes to relieve performance anxiety, trauma, pain, phobias, cravings, even PTSD. Come see if these techniques can create relief or elimination of anxiety (in less than 5 minutes). If so, you can take this easily learned skills home with you.

Charisma Enhancement

All great performers possess the ability to appear magnetic, larger than life, super-human, memorable, with star power. Learn how to enhance your “electro-magnetic field” to make an impact on your audiences and shine your light to back row of the arena!

Vocal Health for Professionals

Learn all the tricks of the trade to protect your voice whether you’re on a world tour with your band or singing 8 shows a week on Broadway.

What Clients Are Saying

First of all, I must THANK YOU so much for the incredible help that your Voiceworks method has given me and my students. You are a true master of your craft and I am so fortunate to have found your content.

Christopher McKee

"You transformed me! After only two lessons, I'm singing songs I never thought I could."

Richard Gaubert

Los Angeles, CA

"Working with Lisa on accent reduction for business has been a magical experience. Her expansive knowledge of voice, language, presentation skills, even job interview prep is just astounding! Lisa’s my voice angel."


“Decades ago, during thyroid surgery, my vocal cords were damaged and I’ve had a weak, hoarse voice ever since. I met Lisa who told me she could help. I was skeptical but agreed to have a session with her. We worked together for half an hour. During that time, she had me do exercises that seemed strange at the time but ultimately produced results that amazed me. I left that short session with a stronger, more powerful voice! I couldn't believe my ears! Lisa truly knows her stuff. She has a depth of knowledge that helped me improve my voice when nothing else I'd tried ever did. She's a genius! Thank you Lisa!”

Brandi Centeno

“Your DVD and feedback has given me a great boost. I am excited to learn more and I feel I have everything I need with this package. I now have more confidence as a singer because I 'know' what to do and know it will be there whenever I need it."

Eli Nickford

Regina, Saskatchewan

“You are a light in the vocal darkness.”

Matthew Quek


“Big thanks for your vocal producer prowess. We were blown away yesterday mixing these tracks listening to these undeniably much improved vocal takes. You truly are a 'vocal cord whisperer'. Wow- like magic!!”

Chris Murphy

Los Angeles, CA

"You are truly an amazing teacher- I've never met anyone who can explain certain concepts like you! I'm jealous of all the students who get to have you next year!"

Catie Golitzin, Pepperdine University

Malibu, CA


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