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Lisa Popeil is the creator of the Voiceworks® Method based on 40+ years of professional teaching.

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Voiceworks® Method

The Voiceworks® Method takes the mystery out of singing and shows you exactly ‘what to do’ to sing your best in any style. My techniques feature innovative tools for safe ‘belting’ for musical theater and commercial vocal styles and deliver instant results.

Voiceworks® has been developed over a 60-year period and is used enthusiastically and successfully by thousands of other singers world-wide.

Creator of the Voiceworks® Method and “The Total Singer” instructional DVD, Lisa brings her enthusiasm and long experience to the training of singers around the world from her base in Southern California.

Lisa Popeil

Lisa Popeil is one of America’s foremost singing and speaking voice experts, is a touring professional singer, and has an international reputation as an innovator in the technique and pedagogy of vocal styles. She holds a Master’s Degree in Voice from California Institute of the Arts and is currently involved in cutting-edge voice research.

Beginning with piano lessons at age 4 and voice training at 6, Lisa has sung in every style including: opera, musical theater, jazz, pop, rock, R&B, and country and her voice has been featured on commercials, television and film. In the 1980’s, her self-titled album “Lisa Popeil” was a Billboard Top Album Pick.

She has also recorded and performed with Frank Zappa and ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic. In 2006, she received an LA Music Award for ‘Career Achievement in Vocal Instruction” and in 2013, Lisa was the recipient of “Lifetime Achievement in the Field of Vocal Pedagogy” from the Croatian Choral Directors Association.

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For celebrity clients, her experience in instant vocal improvement, song choice, audition/performance prep and maintenance of vocal health keeps her in demand as a resource for actors, managers, directors and record producers.

Her private students include beginners to celebrities in film, TV, musical theater, and recording worlds.

Lisa has appeared on TV shows such as ‘LA Ink’, ‘Home & Family Show’, ‘Idol Tonight’ and ‘Starting Over’, ‘Biography’ and Fox News, over 40 radio programs and featured in magazines including Music Connection, Variety, Hollywood Reporter, Karaoke Scene, Singer & Musician and Journal of Singing.

Lisa presents workshops and research papers at prestigious voice conferences around the world as an authority on belting and commercial vocal styles. Ms. Popeil has also contributed to the ‘Oxford Handbook of Singing’ and ‘Oxford Handbook of Music Education’.

Lisa is a member of NATS (National Association of Teachers of Singing), is on the Advisory Board for the the Voice Foundation, SAG-AFTRA (Screen Actors Guild/American Federation of TV and Radio Artists), is a writer-publisher member of ASCAP (American Society of Composers & Publishers) and is a voting member of NARAS (National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences) who present the Grammys®. 

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Private instruction covers singing technique, performance coaching, speech work, voice-over coaching for animation voices, narration, dialects, broadcasting, voice projection, voice preservation, piano, songwriting, demo production, demo recording, charisma enhancement, and anxiety reduction.

Lisa is a member of the famous Popeil family, daughter of Sam (S.J.) Popeil, creator of the Veg-O-Matic and Pocket Fisherman and sister to Ron Popeil, whose many products included the Ronco Food Dehydrator, Popeil Pasta Machine, and the Showtime Rotisserie. Lisa has turned her passion in another direction: helping people discover and develop their ability to sing and speak beautifully.

Lisa & Ron 82nd bd 2017