Experience the very best in singing and speech training online with one of America’s top voice experts!


Lisa Popeil

LA Music Award Winner for Career Achievement in Vocal Instruction.

Pop • Jazz • R&B • Rock • Classical • Country • Musical Theater Legit & Belting

Celebrity voice coach Lisa Popeil, MFA in Voice, is one of America’s top voice experts.

Based in Southern California, Lisa offers online voice lessons for singing and speech, workshops, and numerous instructional materials including the acclaimed Total Singer program.

Meilin & LP June 2017

Voiceworks® Method

The Voiceworks® Method takes the mystery out of singing and shows singers exactly ‘what to do’ to sing their best in any style. Lisa’s techniques feature innovative tools for safe ‘belting’ for musical theater and commercial vocal styles and deliver instant results for singers.

Her method has been developed over a 50-year period and is used enthusiastically and successfully by thousands of singers world-wide.

Learn How to Sing with the “Concepts”

  • Posture
  • Support
  • Breathing
  • Resonance
  • Vibrato
  • Easy High Notes
  • Larynx Positions
  • Range
  • Power
  • Vocal Fold Closure
  • Register Smoothing
  • Belting

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