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Lisa Popeil is an ‘LA Music Award’ Winner for
Career Achievement in Vocal Instruction

Pop • Jazz • R&B • Rock • Classical • Country • Musical Theater Legit & Belting

Celebrity voice coach Lisa Popeil, MFA in Voice, is one of America’s top voice experts.

Based in Southern California, Lisa offers online voice lessons for singing and speech, workshops, and numerous instructional materials including the acclaimed Total Singer program.

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Voiceworks® Method

The Voiceworks® Method takes the mystery out of singing and shows singers exactly ‘what to do’ to sing their best in any style. Lisa’s techniques feature innovative tools for safe ‘belting’ for musical theater and commercial vocal styles and deliver instant results for singers. Her method has been developed over a 50-year period and is used enthusiastically and successfully by thousands of singers world-wide.

Learn How to Sing with the “Concepts”

  • Posture
  • Support
  • Breathing
  • Resonance
  • Vibrato
  • Easy High Notes
  • Larynx Positions
  • Range
  • Power
  • Vocal Fold Closure
  • Register Smoothing
  • Belting

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What Clients Are Saying

First of all, I must THANK YOU so much for the incredible help that your Voiceworks method has given me and my students. You are a true master of your craft and I am so fortunate to have found your content.

Christopher McKee

Lisa is one of the most astute, intuitive, educated, inquisitive, passionate, intelligent and caring voice teachers I've ever had the pleasure of working with and seeing in action. Her methods are rooted in scientific understanding, with practical, specific explanations and eye-widening demonstrations and it works!

Angela Verbrugge

Victoria, BC Canada

"I’ve had muscle dysfunction and it hurts to speak sometimes but since yesterday, after our lesson, I was able to speak without pain! I’m just shocked because I haven’t felt that kind of relaxation in my speaking in years!"

Jasmine Daboul Arriaga

Torrance, CA

"Lisa is one of the very best vocal coaches in the world. She has saved me from losing my voice on the road many times!"

"Weird Al" Yankovic

"Working with Lisa on accent reduction for business has been a magical experience. Her expansive knowledge of voice, language, presentation skills, even job interview prep is just astounding! Lisa’s my voice angel."


“Your workshop was amazing!  I am truly transformed Lisa!  I feel more excited and enthusiastic about singing and voice coaching than ever!  You are an inspiration! Thank you.”

Colleen Spencer

TruVoice Studios - New York City

“I'm truly amazed at what an amazing singer and instructor you are. The way you can handle and master just about any style and volume is profound! I appreciate all of your hard work and research you've put into this and am blessed that I get to be a part of it.”

Christen Clark

Bakersfield, California

"Thank you so much for the incredible 3-day workshop! Lisa, You have such an incredible, curious and detail-oriented mind, tenacity of will, wonderful sense of humor and an amazing ear. To top that off, you are truly generous and I am deeply grateful to have connected with you in this life journey and to have been able to participate in your workshop.

You are very gifted and I thank you for sharing your gifts - innate and cultivated - with us all.

Anne Dugaw

Voice Coach - Santa Ana, California

"There is no one more passionate about vocal pedagogy than Lisa, and her enthusiasm is contagious. She lives and breathes it, and in doing so, has learned a wealth of knowledge useful to any teacher. She has perfected the verbiage to achieve efficient and speedy results with your students. Making the “mystery” of support crystal clear. After incorporating her Voiceworks Technique, I have seen students drastically improve in their understanding of how to properly support their voice and achieve the results they are looking for."

Carly Oates

"It was such a pleasure finally getting to meet you, and learn from you.  I enjoyed the workshop immensely. Thank you so much for your generous spirit and willingness to share all that you know. You are a gift!"

Jan Pedersen Schiff

Singers Marin - Founder and Artistic Director

"Your techniques worked a charm! I had absolutely no vocal problems on our recent 10-month tour.”

Alisa Xayalith

The Naked and the Famous

“Decades ago, during thyroid surgery, my vocal cords were damaged and I’ve had a weak, hoarse voice ever since. I met Lisa who told me she could help. I was skeptical but agreed to have a session with her. We worked together for half an hour. During that time, she had me do exercises that seemed strange at the time but ultimately produced results that amazed me. I left that short session with a stronger, more powerful voice! I couldn't believe my ears! Lisa truly knows her stuff. She has a depth of knowledge that helped me improve my voice when nothing else I'd tried ever did. She's a genius! Thank you Lisa!”

Brandi Centeno

"Thank you so much for the life-changing experience this weekend. It's worth at least $1200 and you would still be giving more than we're paying. You just poured all your genius into us and we are so lucky and blessed. I want to book a lesson right away. But we want to thank you so much--(actually we can't thank you enough)! Love and sincere thanks forever.”

Jill Jaxx & Jan Bunker

“Thanks for the fabulous time at the Total Singer Workshop. You helped clarify a lot of the questions that I had about non-traditional singing. Your energy, knowledge and compassion were wonderful. Keep up the incredible work!“

Professor Kevin Helppie

Western Oregon University

“I thank God for the video, audio and book I received from you.”

Dr. Douglas Matthews

Anaheim, CA

“Wow!! The Total Singer video is not only a very impressive production, not to mention quite an amazing (and compact) voice lesson... wanted to let you know how excited I am about your program.“

Brian Dunning

Irvine, CA

“Big thanks for your vocal producer prowess. We were blown away yesterday mixing these tracks listening to these undeniably much improved vocal takes. You truly are a 'vocal cord whisperer'. Wow- like magic!!”

Chris Murphy

Los Angeles, CA

"You are truly an amazing teacher- I've never met anyone who can explain certain concepts like you! I'm jealous of all the students who get to have you next year!"

Catie Golitzin, Pepperdine University

Malibu, CA


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