Total Singer Workshop


The Total Singer Workshop is back in LA!

January 4-6, 2019

Studio City (Los Angeles), California







"I learned more in 3 days of your workshop than I have learned in 20+ years of studying the voice. I feel much more confident as a singer and voice teacher."

--Melinda T. Fausch


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 ASHA 22.5 CEUs for Speech Pathologists

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Are you interested in hosting the acclaimed Total Singer Workshop at your university or organization?

1, 2 or 3 day Voice Seminar - In Person or via SKYPE
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Outlined during the Total Singer Workshop is the Voiceworks® Method, a concise, systematic, effective approach to voice training based on 50 years of voice study and proficiency. Lisa is one of America's top voice experts, a international lecturer and voice researcher who shares her life's-work and up-to-date voice research at this Workshop. If you're interested in improving your skills as a singer, voice teacher, speech pathologist or choir conductor, you'll want to attend.

The Voiceworks® Method takes the mystery out of singing in ALL styles with an emphasis on commercial vocal styles, musical theater styles and especially techniques on how to teach safe, beautiful belting to the top of the range. These techniques allow singers, singing and speech teachers how to control their singing and speaking voices. This is the ultimate how-to seminar. (And a blast to boot!)

The Total Singer Workshop is an interactive experience exploring the differences between classical and popular voice technique, both pedagogical and scientific.  Fourteen years of research at international voice labs comparing classical and popular mechanics will be presented.

Many voice students desire proficiency in a variety of styles to meet the demands of the marketplace while maintaining vocal health, beauty and longevity. It is up to the voice professional to be able to provide these tools.

The Workshop is useful for singers, voice teachers, speech pathologists, choir conductors and anyone interested in the science of singing. For speech pathologists, the 3-day Total Singer Workshop qualifies for 2.25 ASHA CEUs in cooperation with Unitron (Intermediate level, Professional area).

This unique workshop will define, analyze and show you exactly how to sing and teach these vocal styles:

Pop, Rock, R&B, Country, Musical Theater 'Legit' and 'Belting',
Operetta, Opera, and Jazz

If you want to know all about singing, this is the place!


"Her course work should be required of ALL singing teachers and choir directors - it really makes a difference!"
-- Rodney Mason, Lake Jackson, TX

"The workshop was all I had hoped for and much more...We all benefited so much from your drive to help us understand, your enthusiasm, and your love of your work. Thank you, Lisa. It was the experience of a lifetime for me."
--Paula Latislaw, Van Nuys, CA

"I just wanted to thank you again for a wonderful workshop. It was so chock full of great information as well as a lot of fun. Just working with you in that small amount of time was so helpful for my belt voice. Wow! You gotta a great thing going."
--Christine Deaver, Los Angeles High School for the Performing Arts

"I have told SOOOO many people about the awesome experience I had at your Voiceworks® seminar... Thank you--thank you from the bottom of my heart! It was such a great experience. Like I said to you in TRULY lived up to the propaganda in your brochure---and even went beyond it! You've touched my life. Thank you!"
--Susanne Reid, Professor of Voice, California Baptist University

"I want to take this opportunity to thank you again and again for the most amazing 3 full days with you. Stepping into your Workshop was the wisest choice I've made in a long while. Thank you so much, Lisa."
--Grace Westfall, New York

"I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. I was absolutely amazed at your ability to comprehend all different styles of singing and also be able to sing in that style with conviction. I never knew that one could belt, sing rock and jazz without damaging your vocal cords. I know I will never be able to sing in all those styles but now I can help my students who want to sing in their favorite styles without vocal damage and with skill! Thank you for the most enlightening time. Your energy is contagious."
--Seoung Lee Wilson

"Thanks for the fabulous time at The Total Singer Workshop. You helped clarify a lot of the questions that I had about non-traditional singing. Your energy, knowledge, and compassion were wonderful. Keep up the incredible work!"
--Professor Kevin Helppie, Western Oregon University

"I am super-ecstatic with your workshop/presentation. I am positive that everything I've gained from this worthwhile seminar will guide and support my voice training, coaching and motivating my students."
--Susan Witt-Butler, Professor Emeritus of Voice, Hayward University


 "You made a big change in my life. Musical theatre and then other styles came along and without your training I would never have been successful in many of my classes and lessons."

--Pat Lacey, Missouri Baptist University, St. Louis, MO

"Lisa's workshop was a wonderful experience for me! Having been a pop singer and voice teacher for many years, I was looking for a method of study which would give me a deeper understanding of the subtle differences between the various styles in pop music - and found it! I also loved the way Lisa's approach can perfectly blend scientific research and artistic feeling!"
--Diana Goulart - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil