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Now you can arrange to have a private voice lesson with Lisa from anywhere in the world on Skype and Zoom!

My favorite app for online lessons is Skype, but we can also use Zoom if you prefer.

To download Skype, please read these following instructions carefully to maximize your lesson time.

First, email Lisa at to set up your lesson day and time. Normally, I am available Wednesday afternoons 2-5pm and Thursday-Sunday 10am-5pm Pacific Time – Los Angeles)

Once we have decided on a lesson time, please purchase your 1/2 hour or 1 hour Skype session on the buttons to the left.


Make sure you’ve downloaded the Skype application for your computer or phone ( Once you’ve downloaded Skype, go to the “People, Groups and Messages” box and put in my Skype name: lisapopeil Then send me a wave!

Prior to our lesson time, make sure you quit all unnecessary applications on your computer. If you don’t have a built-in microphone on your computer, you’ll need to use a USB microphone. Otherwise the built-in microphone will work just fine. Set your Sound Input in your System Preferences to ‘built-in microphone’ or ‘USB microphone’.

At our lesson time, I will ‘invite’ you. Make sure your Skype application is open and that your volume is up. Please have your phone handy in case I need to text or call (for that rare problem).
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What Clients Are Saying

"Lisa is a phenomenal vocalist and teacher and has done such extensive study into singing I'm incapable of properly describing it! Seek her help!"

Phil Crosby Jr

"You transformed me! After only two lessons, I'm singing songs I never thought I could."

Richard Gaubert

Los Angeles, CA

"In a 30-minute private lesson, I feel like all the vocal problems I’ve been struggling with have been solved!! It's unbelievable!"

Kristi Raias

Tallinn, Estonia

"Having Lisa do a Skype presentation with my class was like having her in the room with us (even at 2000 miles away!). 

She gave my students incredible tips on how to more effectively work with singers in the studio, including great examples (she is amazing in not only explaining these concepts, but demonstrating them on the spot!) that the student can start using in their next session. 

These face-to-face lessons and demonstrations via Skype was like getting to bring my entire class in to Lisa's studio! Just goes to show that you don't have to live in LA to get the best vocal coach on the planet!"

Todd Herreman

Senior Lecturer, Radio, Television, and Digital Media College of Mass Communication and Media Arts Southern Illinois University

"It is amazing how she so brilliantly straddles the academic and practical worlds."

Melissa Treinkman

Los Angeles, CA

"Delightfully engaging, thoroughly knowledgable…every singer owes it to themselves to work with Lisa."

Michael Ferraiolo

New York City, NY

This was the best voice lesson experience I've had!

Nick Haas

Buffalo, NY

“You are a light in the vocal darkness.”

Matthew Quek


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