Lectures & Workshops

In the Vocal Training Classes                              IN PERSON OR ON SKYPE!

Lisa Popeil is available for vocal training classes, lectures, workshops, voice demonstrations, master classes, and private lessons at your college, church organization, clinic, corporation or teacher events. As an innovator in the field of voice pedagogy and a renowned voice expert, Ms. Popeil will bring 50 years of vocal experience along with her enthusiastic and inspirational approach to you. See what all the excitement is about!

These presentations cover topics such as public speaking, voice quality, voice projection, vocal health, articulation, techniques for voice preservation, charisma enhancement and anxiety reduction and singing technique in all styles. Voiceworks® voice-training seminars can be structured to accommodate any time-frame, from 1 hour to 5 days in length. These exciting events promise to provide innovative tools and inspiration to anyone interested in vocal improvement in one-on-one coaching as well as in large groups.

For more on voice training, workshops, lectures, courses, coaching and for booking information, please contact Lisa at lisa@popeil.com.

Vocal Training Classes


* Total Singer Workshop - 1-2 or 3 day event
* Voiceworks
® Method: Technique for Singing/Speech and Pedagogy of Styles
* Introduction to Vocal Styles: Classical, Belting, Pop, R&B, Country, Rock & Jazz
* Belt Your Way to the Top: Belting Technique for Musical Theater & Commercial      Styles

* Safe & Beautiful Belting for Show Choirs
* Classical vs. Commercial Voice Technique: Science & Pedagogy
* R&B (Soul) Singing Techniques
* On the Road with Your Voice: Voice Care for Professional Singers
* American Jazz Styles & Techniques

* Musical Theater Vocal Styles: Belting and Legit

Speech Improvement & Performance

* Voice Makeover for Business
Learning to Sing at a Speech Improvement Class
* How to Speak Beautifully
* Star-Power: Voice, Charisma, Confidence
* Voiceworks® Method for Speech Pathologists
* Voice Preservation for Professional Speakers


Hand-outs will be made available for all voice workshops and master classes.Video presentations based on Lisa's ground-breaking research using video-fluoroscopy, MRI, stroboscopy and high-speed video can be included.


"Thank you for an absolutely terrific and mind-bending four days. Your breadth of knowledge is amazing and your ability to not only imitate so many different vocal styles, but also explain in anatomical detail exactly what you’re doing is stunning. You say you’re no longer a performer but you should be!" 

Jocelyn Kasper - Nashville, TN

“I am super-ecstatic with your workshop/presentation. I am positive that everything I've gained from your worthwhile seminar would guide and support my voice training, coaching and motivating my students.”
Susan Witt-Butler, Professor Emeritus of Voice, Hayward University

"Thank you for your thoughtfulness, your willingness to share your research and teaching, and for your lovely, strong, wonderful spirit. You are a rare treat!"
Mollye Otis - University of Miami- School of Music