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Ready to take the mystery out of singing? Then you're ready for the Total Singer video program by America's #1 singing expert and celebrity coach, Lisa Popeil, MFA in Voice.

This download includes a 90-minute DVD, a PDF booklet and 2 mp3s with both 30 minutes of classical exercises and 30 minutes of pop vocal technique exercises.

Unique to the 'Total Singer' are demonstrations and descriptions of 8 different vocal styles: Pop, Rock, Jazz, Country, R&B, Belt, Legit, and Classical

Created by Lisa Popeil, MFA in Voice and one of America's top voice coaches, the 'Total Singer' outlines the Voiceworks Method®. Developed over a 30-year period, this systematic approach has been used enthusiastically by thousands of singers from beginners to professionals, from age 6-80.

The 'Total Singer' clearly explains what every singer should know in simple, easy-to-understand language:
  •   Posture
  •   Breathing
  •   Support
  •   Ring
  •   Registers & Break Elimination
  •   Larynx Positions
  •   Vibrato
  •   Control of Nasality & Breathiness
  •   Range
  •   Power Techniques

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