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This 2.5 hour downloadable video is an introduction to the techniques of modern belting, a vocal skill used in musical theater and commercial styles. Presented at NATS (Nat'l Association of Teachers of Singing) San Francisco Bay Area Chapter on November 1, 2014 at the Kanbar Performing Arts Center in San Francisco.

Covered topics are: proper abdominal breath support for healthy belting; taking chest voice high; 'belter's bite'; 'laryngeal lean'; vocal registers as vocal fold sensations; the phenomenon of the 'breath-holding sensation'; and belting substyles such as 'nasal belt', 'ringy belt', 'speech-like belt', 'brassy belt' and 'heavy belt'.

(1080p - m4v) for PC/Mac/Android/iOS

When you purchase this downloadable video (in Part 1 & Part 2), you will also receive a link to a private YouTube video so you can simply watch the program without having to download!


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