Voiceworks® Protégé Program

If you're interested in becoming a high-level private voice trainer, Lisa Popeil is now offering a custom-designed, college-level course on vocal technique in all styles, vocal health, music theory, speech beautification, and the business of creating a succesful voice studio.

The Protégé Program provides a thorough exploration of the award-winning Voiceworks® Method.

Your 2-year custom program is conducted via phone, Skype and email and 
includes bi-weekly private lessons,  literature reviews, tests, and video performances.  

The Voiceworks Protégé Program will prepare you for a successful career as a highest-level Voiceworks® Associate.
Learn to sing and teach styles including Classical, Pop, R&B, Jazz, Rock, Musical Theater Belting and Legit. 


The Voiceworks® Method is based on 50+ years of voice study and performance, 40+ years of professional teaching and 15 years of laboratory voice research.


Cost: $10,000 for the 2-year program

The most gifted Voiceworks® Associates can earn six-figure incomes with no college degree

Call LIsa Popeil at (818) 906-7229 and learn how the Voiceworks® Protégé Program can help you achieve your career goals.

"You are a light in the vocal darkness." - M.Q. - Singapore
 "I'm truly amazed at what an amazing singer and instructor you are. The way you can handle and master any style  is profound! I appreciate all of your hard work and research you've put into this and feel blessed to be a part of it." - C.C. - California
"Your workshop was amazing!  I am truly transformed Lisa!  I feel more excited and enthusiastic about singing and voice coaching than ever!  You are an inspiration!  Thank you so much." C.S. - New York